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Congratulations on one of your biggest investments in your household. Lastly, you got living room furniture that will serve over 5-7 years.

Its long use in everyday household largely depends on how you take care of it. We’ve assembled the easiest, but most vital rules that play an excruciating role in the furniture care.

1․ Vacuum often

You should vacuum your sofa at least once a week at all sides. Avoid cleaning the sofa with the big head as it pushes back the dirt and over time the sofa will lose its sleek look.


If you buy a sofa from Ashley Homestore, it’s highly recommended to apply spot or dry cleaning.

2․ Fluff up the pillows  

It would be good to make it a habit to refresh and soften the seat and back cushions after getting up, so that they serve you as long as possible. Often with updated pillows, the sofa will look more luxurious, like new.

3․ Avoid direct sunlight

When you are still trying to figure out where to place the sofa in the room, remember that not all types of fabric have sun protection properties. Direct sunlight causes the quick color fading, and in the case of leather sofas, it would be good to place the sofa away from electronic heaters. High temperature can cause cracks.

4. Clean from pet hair

If you keep a dog or a cat at home, proper and thorough care is even more important. Cover the sofa with a separate cover, which is also easy and quick to wash. It is necessary to wipe the surface of the sofa with warm water once a week.

5. Clean up stains

Stains on the sofa always happen willy-nilly, and the most popular options are liquids, such as tea, coffee, wine, juice or chocolate; In this case, it is necessary to orient yourself as quickly as possible and jump to work at once. You should try to remove the stain with a white cloth while it is still wet, then gently wipe it with warm water. Of course, in this case it is also important to familiarize yourself with the instructions given by the sofa manufacturers.

Thus, the durability of your sofa does not depend only on the manufacturer. The beautiful and slender appearance of your furniture is greatly affected by proper care over time.



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