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Room Ideas & Inspiration

Discover ideas and Inspiration of your dream room


It’s said the only way to man’s heart is through the stomach, but we’ve spilled the beans to his heart through impressive gifts. 

If you want to find the key to man’s heart, you need to first understand what he loves and what are his preferences. It will help you not only to draw attention to the aesthetic appeal but also application in use. It is not a secret that men demonstrate more practicality in decisions and are restrained to show feelings.

We’ve compiled gifts respective of any pricing range and style, but their essential difference refers to their temperaments.


1․ For stylish men

These men love to follow the latest fashion trends. It is important for them to be in the center of attention, that’s why they strive to surround themselves with original details that will accentuate their character in the public.


You can give them as a Christmas gift:

  •        Sculptures bring in the flair of eclectic style. They showcase the landlord’s aspiration to always be different and first in anything
  •       We couldn’t have forgotten about wine holders. They are one of the most impressive gift ideas for those men who are fond of preserving wine bottle collections in the basement, buffets, or cupboards.
  •       Retro-style telephones, reminiscent of the previous era, will not go unnoticed by men interested in fashion, since they can bring out the bright features of their personalities.

2․ For businessmen

Businessmen stand out by their restrained feelings and emotions. It seems hard to make them smile, but we have also come across several gift ideas for this type of temperament.


You can give them as a Christmas gift:

  •     Multi-purpose European-style desks bring more comfort into the study room, transforming it into the coziest home office area which has recently been trending in the fashion industry. Desks at Ashley Homestore Armenia have what your man seeks out: a built-in USB port, lifting top, etc.
  •     It’s highly crucial for men to have neatly arranged and layered rooms which sometimes are a bit complicated to follow. Bookends may help to neatly keep books, copy-books in order and the rest is put in the bookshelves.
  •     Who doesn’t like to sit in the reclining chair so as to enjoy its comfort? A reclining chair is a multifunctional piece of furniture that may serve both as a bed and a chair as the back easily reclines.

ü    These men often go on business trips. Globes may be of an entrancing gift idea to recall the best travel moments.


3․ For humorous men

This type of man is the easiest to put up with. They are not capricious and stand out with their sensitivity, unlike the above-mentioned. They utterly value the warmth of the setting in the room.

You can give them as a Christmas gift:

ü    Wall arts may greatly have enlisted in your gift guide if your man is humorous, flexible in different situations. Wall arts with animal or abstract prints are the best to bring in a Christmas miracle.


ü    As these men are quite flexible and quickly adapt to changes, they like to keep memories of every warm memory. For that, we have a wide selection of photo frames that stand out with their unique design. When you go to select a Christmas gift, whatever temperament your man possesses, attention and respect are initially appreciated. 

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