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Did you just finish the renovation and are currently stuck on how to design the room? Researching options on the internet is something you do on a regular basis, right? You're uncertain whether you'll get what you expect when you look at things online. We will reveal those essential steps that will make your living room comfortable for every member of your family if you continue reading.

First, ask yourself, “How are you using your living room?”

You will be able to make a decision based on the answer to this question. In order to plan for this, you have to understand how it will work, and what kind of atmosphere you want to create - country, eclectic, traditional, modern or contemporary?

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Family time

Traditional living rooms are ideal for families with active lives, where everyone can find a comfortable nook to chat or eat together. You can set up a play corner in the living room if your kids need a playroom.

Hint. A sofa can become a dividing line for these two rooms.

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Receiving guests

 In order to arrange things neatly, you'll need more seats and tables if you regularly receive a lot of guests.

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Need more functionality?

There is no living room without a TV set, so opt for a TV stand that provides multiple storage options.

Reclining chairs may also bring functionality to your living space. The footrest and reclining back may get you pop up your legs after an exhausting day.

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Poufs and ottomans

Use poufs or ottomans as a source of an additional seat, a coffee table or just a place to prop up your legs.

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More additional seats with benches

Benches make an ideal choice for providing additional seating with a storage opportunity.

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Folding end tables

Place these end tables in areas where there isn't much space, but you need something to store things.

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Measure correctly

Be aware of all the obstacles that will prevent you from completing your design plan: windows, sills, drapes, stairs, etc.

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Choose the statement area

It’s vital to have the statement area in the living room. Any statement area should capture the eye right at the entrance: a sofa, a TV stand, a fireplace, etc.

Swivel chairs, end tables, and lamps make attractive accent pieces for living rooms with large windows, beautiful views, or fireplaces.

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To decorate the statement area, use aquariums, TV sets, console tables, wall art, sculptures, and bookcases if you do not own the above items.

Measure your room and determine the main corner, but remember to leave room for free traffic.

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The entrances and exits leading to the room should be free. It is important to consider the specifics of the room.

If the entrance is along the wall, then the furniture should be opposite to it. If the furniture faces the doors, then the room is divided into separate sections, and if there are several entrances leading to the room, then the living room can be divided into separate zones, each of which will perform a function.

Natural lighting

Note. A sofa, wooden furniture, and wall art should be avoided where the immediate rays of the sun reach.

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Electrical cords and outlets

You need to clearly understand where all the electrical outlets will be. For your convenience, you can even have outlets on the floor so as not to interfere with the placement of furniture in the center of the room.

How to plan furniture placement?

You can start planning furniture placement with completely new furniture or repurposing the old one. If you are going to buy new furniture for the living room, we recommend that you pay attention to these points:

Choose the main piece of furniture first

Sofas and wardrobes have a great influence on the overall design of the living room.

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Do not block the main corner of the room

If your windows are low, then the sofa should also be low to reduce visual obstructions.

Plan for face-to-face seating

Seats must be no more than 224 cm apart. If the two sofas face each other, then the armchairs and sofa tables should be placed in another corner of the room.

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Consider the dimensions of the room

Small furniture is suitable in small apartments, large furniture in large private houses, otherwise disproportion is unavoidable. There should be a distance of 76 cm between sofas and tables, and a distance of 20-35 cm between the coffee table and the sofa.

Add bookcases, shelves, a desk to get the overall effect.

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Let's choose the accessories and decorations for the living room

Poufs and ottomans

Emphasize the look of sofas with interesting patterned poufs, pillows or covers, and blankets. One of the most useful of these is the poufs, which we have talked about many times. They are easy to move and can be used both as an additional seat, and as a small table, and as storage.

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Choose chandeliers, table and floor lamps for good lighting.


You can emphasize the elegance of dining tables with plants, flowers, vases, trays, eclectic sculptures, etc.

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Wall decorations

Use large mirrors, wall arts to add visual volume to the room.

If there’s still more space in the room, you can add in more  flower pots, plants, baskets, and decorative suitcases.

Tip:  Avoid placing furniture, decorations, plants near the entrance to the room.

We hope we were able to help guide you in planning the design of the living room. You can also share your own ideas below or use the hashtag #սատունէ on social media platforms to tell about your room furnishing. Most inspiring interiors will get featured in our Stories.



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